Top 10: Trap Spotify playlists

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Trap music has seen unstoppable growth until becoming a very relevant genre culturally and in the charts. It is a genre that has certain characteristic sounds such as the autotune, the hi hats, the potent bassline and the basic trap rhythmic pattern. This is a genre where it is not rare to see low cost productions achieving massive success, new technologies have made it much easier to produce and trap music is one of the benefited genres. For the same reason, there are lots of trap artists releasing their music every day, so it can be kinda hard to find the best and dopest tracks. Here we selected 10 great trap Spotify playlists - and you can submit your track to them on our website!

1. Testosterone Boost - Fear Itself

Followers: 32,489

Fear Itself curates this energetic playlist with some trap bangers mixed with electronic and hard rock tracks. As its name states it, this playlist is a perfect testosterone booster to be used when you want some hardcore energy music - here you’ll find different genres but the same hardcore mood. 

Some music artists featured in this playlist are YUNG ZEMYJack Maloney and Gothboybrooks which are an example of this particular blend of dirty trap, uptempo techno and hard rock energy.


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2. Rap Ultra - Federica Milano

Followers: 72,555

Rap Ultra is the go-to playlist when you want fresh and dope rap in its different forms. You’ll find rap, trap & drill - a well balanced mix of some established trap artists and upcoming talents.

GunnaFlowkatana and Lil Ayy are some of the artists you’ll find in this playlist - a true pleasure for hip-hop lovers.


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3. Trap & Future Bass 2023 - Trap Music

Followers: 13,795

This playlist focuses on electronic beats with trap elements, including some trap bangers to spice it up. Perfect for a high energy mood and bang your head to the beat.

Some cool artists found on this playlist Music are SwízzyExel Beats and Isiah Palmer, which are a great example of the trap mood found on this playlist from Trap Music.


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4. The A-List: Hip-Hop - East Rock Playlists

Followers: 20,509

East Rock Playlists nails it with this playlist, perfect for discovering the best new releases from indie Hip Hop artists from the United States. It includes songs from the hip hop spectrum, moving from boom bap to trap and drill.

Here are some trap artists to keep an eye out for, found on this East Rock playlist: DrelliMobi May and Kid Ziggy - dope flow and trap beats!


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5. Trap Brasil 2024 - Lemon

Followers: 13,486

Brasil's music market has been in constant growth since the last few years and everything indicates that it will keep growing, especially when you have artists like the ones found on this playlist by Lemon. It features established artists from the genre but the majority are new releases from indie artists.

This playlist claims they have the best beats, best rhymes and best flows from the Brazilian trap scene. Some good artists that prove it are ScoobyHaidden and Ganggorra.


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6. GET HYPED! - Aaditya

Followers: 12,884

This playlist curated by Aaditya is, as its name suggests, perfect for hyping yourself up. It includes a diversity of genres, where we can find trap among rap, techno and urban pop. You can find trending songs from positioned artists and also new releases from upcoming artists.

Yellow ClawWuki and Flosstradamus and some of the artists found on this playlist - high energy tracks to get hyped!


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7. Beast Mode - FOG

Followers: 14,671

FOG curates this awesome playlist with some rap & trap classics bangers - this is a perfect playlist for giving everything in an intense workout. The majority of songs here are catalog bangers from established artists, but there is always room for some fresh cool tracks.

KuyabishTone Luck and Mallokay are some of the freshest artists in the playlist, always delivering high quality rap, flow and rhymes.


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8. LoFi & Trap Beats - Chill Select

Followers: 9,257

Chill Select does it again and curates a sweet lofi blended with trap rhythms. In this playlist you’ll find underground tracks from the genre, most of which are completely instrumental and give a different vibe and listening experience.

Some cool artists found on this playlist are Bmbu9lives and lazyboyloops - each of them having their own approach to this lofi trap style of music.


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9. Cloudy Hip Hop - Zuza

Followers: 7,516

Zuza is a lofi hip hop rapper that curates his own playlists, where he features other fellow artists in his niche and promotes his music, amplifying the reach of his project. Playlist curation is a pretty solid strategy for promoting music as an artist and connecting with listeners.

This playlist rap & trap songs, all of them with a dark, cloudy mood - some cool artists found here are BONESLil Maru and hahapoison.


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10. Drill & Trap Mundial 2023 - moncler mane

Followers: 5,564

This playlist curated by moncler mane highlights the most popular trap & drill tracks around the globe, with a special focus in hispanic trap - the music style goes from melodic drill to latin trap and urban hip hop.

Dope artists found here are Eladio CarrionKAVO and YSY A - they represent the spirit of this playlist with their hard beats and dirty trap.


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These were just 10 out of the +4,000 trap Spotify playlists we host on DailyPlaylists. If you are a trap artist and have some new releases or catalog tracks open for promotion, we encourage you to try the free submissions on our platform. Go and submit your music!