Chill Space Remix Contest Winner Released

We are excited to announce that the first remix contest winner has been released!

At the beginning of 2024, we launched our first ever Remix Contest in collaboration with Chill Space Records. 4 months later, the winner remix was officially released as part of the contest prize along with other remixes from the DailyPlaylists community!

In case you are new to Chill Space Records, here is a quick insight:

Chill Space Records stands as an independent Lofi Label based in Romania, born in July 2021. With a catalogue spanning over 250 releases from artists such as NessenMike Beating and Tyler.l, culminating in an impressive 22 million+ streams. Chill Space is proud to offer every artist a personalised and effective experience. 

About the contest:

The song chosen to be remixed was “I Had A Dream” by sad.exe - participants had to download the stems of the track and give it their own twist. 

sadexe i had a dream remix contest 1.png

We received more than 50 remixes after 4 weeks of contest! The Chill Space A&R team and the artist sad.exe chose the contest winner along with 4 runners up. The places in the competition were as follows:

Despite the fact that the contest was only going to have 1 remix release and 4 DailyPlaylists packages as prizes, the Chill Space team decided to release 9 remixes due to the high quality of entries submitted by the DailyPlaylists community!

You can find the contest winner here and the rest of remixes in this album.

sadexe i had a dream remix contest 2.png

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