Curator Highlight: Simo Saimöö

Simo Saimöö is this month's Premium Curator highlight! You can find his Tropical House, EDM and Pop playlists in our platform.

Genres: Tropical House, Pop EDM, House

Social media: InstagramFacebookTwitter

Simo Saimöö is an Italian DJ and producer currently based in France. As an artist he has reached +7 million streams on Spotify and collaborated in releases with Paraiso (Warner Music Benelux), Magic Records, 1st Strike (Universal Music Germany), Blanco Y Negro, ATLAST and more. 

He debuted his discographic career in 2018 and has been releasing music until this date, gathering a catalogue of +30 tracks with multiple collaborations on the European electronic scene. 

His music is mainly electronic with a chill tropical vibe, his tracks encompass a pop sonority  with danceable groove that immediately makes you wanna move your body. One characteristic trait of his music is the vocals, a really smooth sound interpreting catchy melodies - these makes his music particularly radio friendly.

During this year he experimented releasing cover songs adapted to his style and sound, and it appears he found a perfect formula - Saimöö’s most popular tracks from Spotify are Beggin’Watermelon Sugar and Clocks. It is really interesting to listen to these popular songs with a tropical house twist, if you are a fan of house music and pop you’ll definitely like it!

As a curator he builds playlists that match the music that he makes, complementing each other and adding another layer to his narrative as an artist. He most commonly features mid-popular tracks on his playlists as well as recently released songs (mainly in the first 6 months since release). In his playlists you can find established artists such as MKJDe Hofnar and Jordan Rys; and also incipient artists that get discovered on his playlists such as BRETSNDeusExMaschine and BOV.

His three main playlists offer different moods but all centred in electronic tropical music, house and pop. He has a playlist focused on chill music with summer sunset vibes, another one for gym motivation with more energetic tracks to fuel your workouts, and a pop dedicated playlist where he highlights a blend of chart-topping tracks and catchy melodies that, in his own words, define popular music. You can find him in DailyPlaylists and submit to his playlists with Premium credits! Take a look to his most popular playlists as a curator below and enjoy his music in this link!

Chilling Vibes - Summer All Year Long
Followers: 8,244
# of tracks: 52

chilling saimo.jpeg

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Gym Music - Dance Motivation
Followers: 7,621
# of tracks: 52

gym saimo.jpeg

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Pop Hits 2023
Followers: 2,217
# of tracks: 82

pop hits saimo.jpeg

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