Curator Highlight: Supreme Playlists

We are back with Premium Curator highlights! This time with Jietse, the curator behind Supreme Playlists.


Hip Hop , Pop , Reggae , Indie

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Supreme Playlists–otherwise known as Jietse–began making playlists for himself. Soon excitement grew amongst his friends who started discovering new music through Jietse’s talent for playlisting. 

The COVID-19 pandemic led to Jietse creating more and more, finding a form of peace in his craft which led to the birth of Supreme Playlists. Since then, the platform has rapidly grown and thus many artists have had their voices heard. Cieratherapper, Adam O’Rua, and Pipe Down have all been discovered thanks to Jietse’s curation. 

Supreme Playlists opts for quality, not quantity. The curator builds playlists around popular genres, having a particular flair for hip-hop. Their “Supreme Hip Hop” playlist is one of their most popular and is regularly updated as new tracks emerge. 

Supreme Playlist aims to keep their playlists refined. Each curation has less than 100 tracks, ensuring each is a perfect match. 

And clearly, people appreciate the effort as each playlist has thousands of followers, the most popular almost hitting 30,000. 

This curator builds its playlists around several elements such as genre, theme, and mood. For example, their “Time to relax” playlist highlights lofi tunes that help you ease both in and out of your day. 

One of the main appeals of Supreme Playlists as a curator is how often they update their playlists. Every week, new tracks are added to each playlist and older tracks are removed if something more appropriate needs their place. 

This playlister is one to keep an eye on as their following continues to grow. As the weeks go by, more and more listeners are tuning in and sticking around. 

Supreme Hip Hop
Followers: 29,579
# of tracks: 84

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Pop Music 2024
Followers: 22,456
# of tracks: 71

pop music 2024.jpeg

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Reggae Music
Followers: 7,609
# of tracks: 94

reggae music supreme.png

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