Curator Highlight: Dance Charts

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Genres: Dance, EDM, House

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Back in 2008, Sebastian Wernke-Schmiesing and Axel Jäger were in the thick of their university studies while living in Germany. 

Together, they created Dance-Charts which began as a music promotion agency–Sebastian taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief and Alex working as the editor. 

Both students couldn’t foresee how Dance-Charts would evolve when they created their Spotify profile. They began organising their favourite tracks into playlists, slowly gaining a following. Now, the platform is one of Germany's go-to platforms for discovering dance music. 

Their blog covers a range of information surrounding EDM and electronic music including DJ interviews, new releases, DJ hardware updates, and more. 

Dance-Charts’ Spotify acts as a portal for those just discovering the genre. For instance, their Official playlist showcases the top 100 in the genre, updating every Friday. But it’s not a standalone feature, Sebastian and Alex also craft more themed playlists such as “Car Music” and “Roadtrip Music” but electronic music always takes centre stage.  

Sebastian and Alex have developed a formula for success as several artists have been discovered on their playlists. Dominica was nudged into notoriety thanks to the Top 100 playlist. APE was discovered on Car Music while Dacris was featured on Roadtrip Music.

If you’re an artist whose thing is electronic, dance, or EDM music, Dance-Charts is a platform you want to keep an eye on. 

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DANCE-CHARTS - TOP 100 officialFollowers: 127,155
# of tracks: 125

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Car Music - Best of 2024Followers: 23,983
# of tracks: 100

dance charts car music.jpeg

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RoadTrip MusicFollowers: 11,705
# of tracks: 102

dance charts roadtrip.png

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