How to become a Premium Curator

For those who want to know what it takes to become Premium Curator on our platform.

If you are passionate about music and a tastemaker. If you have been building your playlists with meticulous and conscious curation. If you are building a curation brand with strong audience engagement, then the next step is to apply to become a DailyPlaylists’ Premium Curator.


The profile of a premium curator might seem to be hidden... an industry secret if you will. However, with this article we hope to give all aspring curators a clear path to reach the levels necessary to qualify for our Premium Curator program. Below, you will find some simple indicators to point you in the right direction.

The first requirement when applying to our Premium Curator community is having a playlist over 1,000 followers. We ask for this minimum number of followers because we can only include impactful playlists on our Premium community. +1,000 followers playlists is becoming an industry standard for Premium Submission platforms. Having 1,000+ followers is our entry requirement, after this we start looking at deeper and more meaningful metrics.

Once the follower has been assessed, we then analyze the playlist’s engagement. We evaluate playlists looking for engagement indicators, song performance and coherence between followers and active listeners. We analyze playlists with tools like IsItAGoodPlaylist and Chartmetric, we also ask every applying curator for a proof of streams if possible.

Assuming your engagement and growth metrics are confidently in the right direction. We look for playlists that have a track list that is relative to their follower count, encouraging active listening from their audience. If your playlist is around 1,000 followers, we look for a track list at around 135 tracks.  Longer tracklists encourage passive listening, meaning the artist may get a stream every so often, while the listener is using the playlist as background noise while doing an activity. 

Every requirement we ask for is to guarantee and maintain top quality playlists and curators on our platform. We look for curators that have the intention to build a brand and connect with a broader audience. That’s why we also evaluate curation branding, which includes high quality playlist covers and well curated playlists.

Some perks of being part of our Premium Curator community are earning revenue from song submissions, having first access to our new features, access to branding tools, Premium Curator playlist trading and more. You can start your application below!