Why go through Diggers Factory to produce your vinyl?

Check our collab with Diggers Factory, a platform that revolutionises the way artists produce and sell vinyl records.

Why choose Diggers Factory for vinyl production?

In a constantly evolving world where music consumption is dominated by digital platforms, carving out a space as an independent artist often presents numerous challenges. But what if we told you there was a method not only to engage fans but also to diversify your income sources by offering something tangible to your audience?

Let's delve into the vinyl production process and how Diggers Factory offers an optimal solution!

⁠But how has Diggers Factory revolutionized the vinyl universe for independent artists?

Imagine a scenario where vinyl production bypasses the financial risks and logistical hassles associated with traditional methods. That's precisely what Diggers Factory offers musicians.


Diggers Factory democratizes access to a medium once considered out of reach. Here's how it works:

  • Community-supported vinyl production (On-demand): Diggers Factory utilizes a community-based model, allowing artists to gauge demand before proceeding with production. By setting a pre-order threshold (starting from just 100 copies), artists can finance their vinyl projects without upfront costs, thus mitigating financial risks and avoiding overproduction.

  • Comprehensive support: Diggers Factory goes beyond mere crowdfunding, offering guidance throughout the production and distribution process. This includes access to factories, logistics, distribution networks, mastering studios, graphic design services, and more.

  • Exclusive editions: In addition to standard vinyl releases, Diggers Factory specializes in creating limited edition vinyl variants. These exclusive editions, featuring unique designs and carefully selected tracks, add appeal for fans and collectors alike.

⁠A more personal touch

In an era where music often feels ephemeral in digital file form, vinyl offers a physical and intimate connection between artists and their audience. There's an undeniable pleasure in holding a vinyl, admiring its cover, and delicately placing the needle on the groove. It goes beyond the digital realm, nurturing a deeper bond between the artist and the listener.

However, vinyl production has always been complex and financially challenging, often inaccessible to many independent musicians. The costs associated with vinyl manufacturing, combined with uncertainties surrounding demand and logistical challenges, have deterred many talented artists from exploring this path.

⁠Empowering independent artists to increase their income

Beyond fostering closer ties with their fan base, vinyl represents a significant source of income for independent musicians. With the resurgence of vinyl sales, fans are willing to invest in physical copies of their favorite music. Tapping into this vinyl market means generating new revenue and being able to reinvest it in musical projects.


⁠What can we conclude from this?

The dream of finally seeing one's music engraved on vinyl is no longer a distant fantasy for independent artists. Diggers Factory has made the process accessible, risk-free, and financially viable.

So, if you're an independent musician looking to elevate your art and offer your fans something truly special, consider exploring vinyl production via Diggers Factory.

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