Artist Highlight: Vozz Rich

"Wake the Neighbors" is the latest release from Vozz Rich - this week's Artist Pro highlight discovered in our Track Explorer!

Vozz Rich is celebrated for his dynamic, captivating performances that energise and pack dancefloors. 

His latest release, “Wake the Neighbors,” adds to his impeccable dance track repertoire with a pulsating beat, expertly sampled and edited vocals, and the genre’s characteristic builds and drops. 

Vozz seamlessly fuses Tech House and Latin EDM, crafting a distinctive sound that epitomises the very essence of summer.

“Wake the Neighbors” swiftly establishes its presence, starting with a steady beat and clipped vocals. Within 15 seconds, the first rise begins, heightening anticipation for the initial drop. This strategic pacing hooks listeners from the outset, maintaining their engagement throughout the track. 

The few repeated lyrical lines, though minimal, are delivered with precision, syncing perfectly with the rhythm and adding an extra layer of interest.

Picture yourself on a Mediterranean beach in the evening, drinks in hand, reflecting on a carefree day of sun and sea. The perfect song to complement this moment is “Wake the Neighbors.” It embodies the spirit of summertime partying, with a drumbeat that evokes youthful vitality and a promising future. 

The track’s infectious energy and vibrant beats encapsulate the joy and freedom of summer nights, making it an ideal soundtrack for memorable moments.

Vozz Rich’s ability to blend genres and create a unique soundscape is evident in “Wake the Neighbors.” The track’s seamless integration of Tech House and Latin EDM sets it apart yet showcases his innovative approach to music production. 

This knack ensures that “Wake the Neighbors” will be a staple on dance floors and playlists, capturing the euphoria of summer and the thrill of living in the moment.

Listen below:

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