Artist Highlight: Thomas Geelens

Check out this week's Artist Pro highlight: 'Heart Thief' by Thomas Geelens with Honest Regrets & Kid On The Block.

Heart Thief,” the creation of Honest Regrets, Kid On The Block, and Thomas Geelens, has “song of the summer” written all over it. 

Although that phrase gets pinged around more than it should, it feels justified for this track. The melody is comprised of a simple yet effortlessly catchy motif and the production feels slick and polished. 

Despite “Heart Thief” releasing in 2024 there’s a nostalgia to the sound, reminiscent of the early 2010s when summer felt never-ending, and warmth emanated from the radio. It harks back to the more contemporary golden era of pop music. 

Encouraging that feeling still, a clap sound effect is woven into the body of the melody, heartening listeners to step along to the beat. It’s the song’s driving force, keeping everything in line and on target. 

“Heart Thief” tells the story of heartbreak,
which might surprise you when listening to the upbeat melody. Coming in at just over 2 minutes, if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll have a different experience than just listening to the music.

Thomas Geelens, the vocalist, performance remains subdued all through the track. But that’s exactly what it needs. The song doesn’t demand an overly complex vocal line but rather a relaxed complement to the music.

I could imagine this pop number supplementing a shopping spree in the hot summer sunshine. There’s a feeling of optimism fizzing within the tune’s structure, almost like there’s nothing to worry about except what you’ll be wearing to the beach later. 

The delicate balance between a yearnful heart and a buoyant sound can be hard to get master. Honest Regrets, Kid On The Block, and Thomas Geelens have managed it without a hitch. 

Listen below:

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