Artist Highlight: The Safety Word - Celestial Drift

The first edition of our Artist highlight features "Celestial Drift" by The Safety Word - found on our Track Explorer.

'Celestial Drift' encapsulates the very essence of 80's ambience, beckoning listeners to venture into an other-worldly realm woven by The Safety Word, an entrancing synth-pop duo hailing from Australia.

From the first notes, an astral voyage unfolds before the ears. Imagine drifting through the cosmos, an explorer of planets and stars. Yet, as this expedition unfolds, an undercurrent of uncertainty emerges, clutching the listener - an astronaut adrift in the unknown, perhaps forever distant from the warmth of home.

The absence of lyrics doesn't diminish the narrative of 'Celestial Drift'. Instead, it embraces a paradoxical duality, where tranquillity and unrest merge. The composition's rhythm feels like a gentle tide, lulling you into a state of reflection, all the while ushering in a subtle, unshakeable unease.

'Celestial Drift' invites personal rumination. It becomes a mirror where listeners can glimpse their own journeys through life's intricacies. As the composition travels through these emotional landscapes, it presents the audience with an opportunity to feel their memories, evoking an experience both personal and universal.

'Celestial Drift' stands as a testament to The Safety Word's prowess in crafting an immersive track, navigating the marriage of peace and conflict.

Listen Below:


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