Artist Highlight: The Groundswell

The Groundswell band is this week's Artist Pro highlight with their latest release 'No Goodbyes' - discovered in our Track Explorer!

No Goodbyes” by The Groundswell feels like a breath of fresh air, a plunge into cold water on a hot day, or the first sip of a beer at the beginning of summer.

Inspired by the indie rock scene, The Groundswell employs acoustic sounds, naturally delivered from real instruments. But, of course, they couldn’t resist a powerful guitar solo to see the song out. 

The vocal performance is real. Clearly, the band has opted not to mess with the sounds too much, which gives the track a much more authentic sound. This ties in with the overall vibe of the track–an ode to a past love from which we’re still working and healing. 

Sound like your cup of tea? “No Goodbyes” is available to stream now.

Listen below:

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