Vibe Matching Feature Released

We released a brand new feature for our Artist Pro community that will improve song submission accuracy!

We are thrilled to announce the release of a brand new feature for our Artist Pro community: Vibe Matching!

In recent weeks, we've been hard at work developing a functionality designed to improve song submission accuracy by analyzing the attributes of submitted songs and comparing them with the specific vibe of playlists. 

What is Vibe Matching?

What is it?

Vibe Matching is a tool that evaluates a song's BPM (beats per minute), modality, and duration, then compares these attributes to the average BPM, modality, and duration of a playlist. This comparison helps determine if a song aligns well with the playlist's overall vibe.

⁠How does it work?

If you're an Artist Pro subscriber, simply submit a song as usual. You'll find the “Vibe Match” button next to every playlist, Standard or Premium. Click this button to see how your song's attributes compare to the playlist’s averages.

vibe matching feature 1.png

vibe matching feature 2.png

This tool empowers artists to understand better whether their song fits a particular playlist, thus increasing the accuracy of submissions. During our testing phase, we found that over 90% of accepted submissions had at least 2 out of 3 attribute matches in the green zone!

Artist Pro users can match their songs with both Standard and Premium Curated playlists maximizing their chances of accurate and successful submissions.

Not an Artist Pro Subscriber Yet?

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