Artist Highlight: Modapit

This week's Artist Pro highlight is Modapit with his latest release 'Break A Sweat' - discovered in our Track Explorer!

Whip out those sweat rags and get your neon leg warmers on because Modapit’s “Break A Sweat” will have you up on the dancefloor, jumping relentlessly up and down for a solid 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

“Break A Sweat” is a classic dance tune that features all the characteristics you’d expect from a rave floor filler.

With repetitive lyrics reflected in the repetitive electronic drum beat, the track might as well come with built-in strobe lights and trippy visuals.

You can imagine hearing the track well after the sun has departed, and all you can see before you is sweaty bodies and grass.

If you’re a raver or simply want to unleash the raver within you, “Break A Sweat” is the track for you.

Listen below:

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