Artist Highlight: LuvAndreas

Check out our latest Artist Pro highlight: LuvAndreas with his latest release 'Talk To Me' - discovered in our Track Explorer!

“Talk To Me” by LuvAndreas journeys through each element of a relationship.

From the first meeting, to getting to know each other’s minds, to intimacy, LuvAndreas delivers his soul through intricate lyrics supported by a contemporary hip-hop beat.

The artist’s rhymes are a highlight of the track, managing to create a flow that dances along the musical accompaniment.

There’s a real sense of his personality laced throughout the record, with moments of laughter and adlibs that make the whole track feel much more truthful in its meaning. It also highlights the sense of excitement we get at the prospect of a happy relationship.

If you’re into smooth, calm hip-hop, this is the track for you.

Listen below:

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