Artist Highlight: Louis on Tour

Listen to this awesome pop rock banger discovered in our Track Explorer - "Moon Cheese" by Louis on Tour.

Growing up in the 2000s represented a childhood free of influencers. That meant looking up to celebrities instead. And for many of us, musicians were the coolest of the bunch. 

During that time, pop-punk-rock sounds were flooding most iPod Nanos, so that genre of music holds a special place in many of our hearts. 

So when I came across “Moon Cheese,” it felt like going back in time to being a confused, repressed teenager who thought rock music was the height of rebellion. But this time, I got to enjoy it as a fully developed adult. What bliss. 

“Moon Cheese” by 5-piece genre-flud rock band Louis on Tour is a tight, high-quality pop-rock number that offers cohesive, impressive musicianship and a polished yet vulnerable vocal performance. 

The initial absurdity of the song’s title shouldn’t put you off (or in fact, it might intrigue you) as the track is far from silly. Rather, “Moon Cheese” is a sincere telling of trying to gather yourself after the end of a relationship but shattering all over again once you see the person who broke you apart.  

The track features a breakdown that further proves the skill of each member. The drummer keeps up the adrenaline while the guitarists work together in a dance that delivers the message of the song through wails and riffs. 

Over the past few years, there’s been a noticeable gap in the music industry–an outcry for something you can mosh to but also pulls at your heart. 

“Moon Cheese” is just that. 

Listen below:

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