Artist Highlight: Larizzle ft Ebun Yele

'Bon Appetit' by Larizzle & Ebun Yele is this week's Artist Pro highlight - a banger discovered in our Track Explorer!

Combining sounds from Nigeria, Ghana, and the UK, Larizzle and Ebun Yelé have captured the current spirit of the industry, the need for something mellow yet captivating. 

⁠When listening to “Bon Appetit,” you can feel yourself becoming adrift, yielding control of what restricts you until your body is filled with the contemporary Afrobeats.

It’s as though you’re on the last day of your vacation and despite the looming sadness of knowing you’ll be flying home tomorrow, that doesn’t matter tonight. Tonight is for right now. 

The first few seconds of the track make shakers the primary sound. Alongside them are elongated chords and a stuttering drum beat, keeping your attention on the way you’re inclined to move to the shakers. 

That feeling continues throughout the song, creating an anchor as it plays on. No matter what’s happening above, the shaker remains, pausing just once to create a moment of curiosity. 

⁠The outro is almost a mirror to the opening seconds, with Larizzle adding a few extra layers to halt it coming full circle. Instead, the track, much like the listener, is changed by the closing notes. 

Throughout “Bon Appetit,” Ebun Yelé delivers a dreamy vocal performance. She utilises both her low and high voice, merging a sultriness with moments of lightheartedness. 

Larizzle’s production complements this spectrum of moods. When Ebun lays a more bassy line, he crafts the perfect musical accompaniment. In the same way, as she goes higher, Larizzle gives her the space to explore. There’s no competition between the two, it’s a pure alliance. 

Listen below:

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