Artist Highlight: Kos:mo

Check out 'Numen' , the latest release from this week's Artist Pro highlight DJ Kos:mo - discovered in our Track Explorer!

Numen’ by Kos:mo is a track you’ll feel in your spine. 

It’s carried by the bass line, thumping throughout the entirety of the track, unrelenting as other sounds begin to accompany it. 

As the track progresses, orchestral voices enter the mix, creating an almost spiritual tone to it as it reaches the climax, utilising the chorus even further. 

There are moments when all but the orchestra pause, creating a mere second of stillness among the dizzying musicality. 

But Kos:mo only lets you stop for a blink and he’s back in with the vibrating bass. 

This track feels like a night-out finisher, cementing a memory of the lights, speakers, and bodies. Available to stream now. 

Listen below:

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