Artist Highlight: Chris Veron

This week's Artist Pro highlight is Chris Veron with his latest release "Your House" featuring AXXX7en - discovered in our Track Explorer!

You know those nights that feel like a blur? Those moments where you’re so lost in the music, your mind empties and all you feel is the beat and all you see is the strobes.

That’s what “Your House” by AXX7en and Chris Veron encapsulates. 

The track opens and it’s as though you’re immediately on the dance floor, jumping and pulsing to the rhythms. 

“Your House” is a repetitive dance track. The core flow remains throughout the run time, never relenting for even a moment. But the repetitive nature makes the song fit for purpose. When you’re in the zone, you don’t want a melody that slows down only to pick back up again–that will ruin your motion. 

For the most part, the club tune is an instrumental. The only lyrics, “your house is my house,” are replayed at various points throughout. The delivery of those words is distorted, creating a more gritty, darker tone that gets mixed to blend into the music.

The lack of lyrics forces the listener to focus solely on the beats, not what’s being said. For a club track, this is what you want. Reducing complexities in the sound allows for a musical experience that’s felt, not listened to. 

“Your House” is something you participate in–an instant in time where everything that came before and all that is to come after is irrelevant. 

Listen below:

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