Artist Highlight: Cesar Santalo

"I Think I Like Your Girlfriend" is Cesar Santalo's latest release and this week's Artist Pro highlight - discovered in our Track Explorer!

Is there anything more devastating than forbidden love? A love that you’re not just allowed to chase, but even to think about. 

Cesar Santalo’s “I Think I Like Your Girlfriend” captures that emotion. Hidden beneath an upbeat pop melody, the track explores the painful experience of being attracted to a friend’s partner.

Throughout the track, Cesar engages in an internal debate. He’s acutely aware of the wrongness of his feelings, yet he feels powerless to resist them. 

At times, he criticises the boyfriend in question, as if to rationalise his emotions. This inner conflict is a testament to the song’s emotional depth, echoing the turmoil of forbidden feelings.

I Think I Like Your Girlfriend” illustrates what pop music should be: catchy and accessible, yet layered with genuine emotion. 

The track features a blend of electronic drums and elongated synth chords, over which Cesar’s vocals shine with clarity and precision. Each element of the song is meticulously crafted, creating a polished final product that resonates with listeners.

The chorus, repeating the title line several times, is particularly impactful. It’s the kind of hook that makes the song ideal for a festival setting, where a crowd of young people might sing along, some perhaps identifying with the lyrics. This repetition not only makes the chorus memorable but also amplifies the emotional weight of the song’s theme.

Cesar Santalo’s “I Think I Like Your Girlfriend” masterfully combines infectious pop familiarities with a heartfelt exploration of forbidden love, proving that pop music can both entertain and encourage reflection.

Listen below:

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