Artist Highlight: Andrea Piersimoni

Our latest Track Explorer discovery is Andrea Piersimoni with his hit single 'RESPIRA'.

Upon first listen, “RESPIRA” by Andrea Piersimoni catches you off guard. 

The opening of the track contains jilted, stuttering sounds which juxtapose the vocal delivery creating a smooth and delicate mood. 

This creates a listening experience that immediately makes your ears pay attention, attempting to work out the melody. 

As the track continues, the sounds blend more seamlessly, perhaps mirroring the artist’s ability to catch his breath and sort through his emotions. 

“RESPIRA” will have you reflecting on moments of your life whether you’re a Italian speaker or not. Andrea’s pain-riddled performance clues you in on the emotion he’s feeling, even if you can’t directly understand the words. 

A soulful pop ballad done right.  

Listen below:

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