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  • Smart Submit and let the DP algorithm pick the right playlists.
  • Get up to 5 more playlists placements per month!
  • Smart Submissions have 5x better results than manual ones!
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  • Get featured on the track explorer page!
  • Get community feedback while they earn credits for themselves!
  • Soon: Community can add and like songs directly from the Track Explorer.
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  • The chance to be featured on our trending lists
  • Participate in exclusive DP opportunities! (soon TBA)

Early Bird Special

$5.99 $2.99 per month

Before officially launching our DailyPlaylists Professional Membership, we are offering a special early bird ticket of $2.99 per month for the first 3 months!

Enter your email, and get a discount code for the “Professional Membership” release .
Disclaimer: The early bird ticket does not require credit card details or any payment upfront. Payment details and the discount code will be entered once the “Pro” subscription is released. This offer is to secure the discount code for launch.

The release date of DailyPlaylists Pro is TBA. Once the pre-sign up offer has expired, the Pro version will be available for $5.99 a month.

The DailyPlaylists Manifesto

At DailyPlaylists we pride ourselves on the free experience we can give to our users. We started this journey as we believe in equal opportunities for artists of all sizes! We will never ever charge for the original submission flow as the most accessible part of the platform.

However, we also need to be realistic and implement a business layer to keep the site online, to improve infrastructure, to build more tools and to provide a better experience for you. With this in mind, we are very proud to introduce the Professional Members experience of DailyPlaylists. As we do not alter the original experience but build on top of it, we hope you continue to stick with us and understand why we have made this decision!

We are independent artists, managers and promoters - and we built this for independent artists, managers and promoters.

If you have any feedback or questions, please email us at

All the best, Harry from DailyPlaylists.
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