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How Does DailyPlaylists Work?

What is DailyPlaylists?

DailyPlaylists is a music promotion and marketing platform for independent artists and music curators.

Artists can use it to promote their music by submitting to independent curators on services such as Spotify, setting up contests for their fans or using the community to get feedback on their songs.

Music curators can use the website to interact with other curators, grow their playlists over specific gates or build out the emailing lists.

Save time and focus on creating - or curating music.

Does DailyPlaylists cost?

DailyPlaylists has two subscription tiers and two different credits:


  • - Free Tier: The free tier does not cost money and can be used for playlist submissions to Standard curators or to set up regular contests.

  • - Artist Pro Tier: The Artist Pro tier is customizable, costs $14,99 per month or $149.99 per year. The Artist Pro Tier enables users to use DailyPlaylists automated submission system among other exclusive features.


  • - Standard Credits: Every users get a weekly amount of Standard credits, which can be used to submit to Standard playlists. More credits can be purchased in bundles ($3.99, $7.99 & $15.99) or earned over the community section by giving other community members feedback.

  • - Premium Credits: Premium Credits are purchased in bundles ($14.99 or $19.99) and can be used to submit to Premium curators. Submitting to premium curators guarantees the user feedback if a track is not accepted. If there is no feedback from the Premium Curator within a week the user will automatically receive the Premium credit back.

How do I sign up?

You can use DailyPlaylists with your Spotify account:

By entering your song or playlist on our website, you will be connected via Spotify’s API to your account to ensure a smooth and secure process.

Do you store my Spotify login?

No, everything is connected via Spotify’s public API and you can remove access anytime you wish in your Spotify settings. If you wish to remove the access please go to: spotify.com/settings

How do I switch accounts?

You need to close the tab or browser window with dailyplaylists.com, then logout of your Spotify account over the Spotify website. When this is done, you can login with your other profile and reload dailyplaylists.com

Does DailyPlaylists guarantee my music will get playlisted?

The Platform itself does not make ANY editorial decisions over third party playlists:

Approving or declining a submission is entirely up to the playlist owner you’re submitting to. DailyPlaylists is here to improve and simplify the submission process to increase the chances of getting your music heard.

Who runs DailyPlaylists?

DailyPlaylists is run by an independent group of individuals organized in a company with no ties to a major record label,major publisher or a major platform.

Submitting A Song & My Submissions

How do I submit my new release?

Search for your track or enter the Spotify link on the homepage and follow the steps.

How many submissions can I send?

The platform refreshes your free Standard credits weekly. In the case that you need more standard credits you can purchase them in bundles or earn them over the community section. In the case you need Premium submissions you can purchase them through the Premium Submission submission page.

Can I submit music before release date?

You can’t submit your music before it is released to Spotify. The earliest day is the release day of your song.

What to do if the wrong track information is pulled?

Please double check if you have submitted the correct Spotify track link, not album link.

What if I want to submit an EP/Album or LP?

You can only submit individual tracks right now.

What happens after I submit a song?

After you submit a song, the song goes into the playlist curators queue so they can listen to the song. If accepted, it will then be added directly to their playlist and you will be notified via email and on your DailyPlaylists dashboard.

What is a Standard Submission?

Every week you get a free amount of Standard Submissions per which you can use to submit your track to specific playlists. These credits don’t guarantee a response and the curator has 21 days to review the submissions. These credits do not get refunded if there is no response.

What is a Premium Submission?

Premium Submissions are purchased during the submit to Curators flow. These specific credits allow you to submit to Premium curators, a group of curators who have been vetted by the DailyPlaylists team to guarantee the quality of their playlists.

These credits guarantee a response in the form of feedback or placement, or, if there is no response from a curator within 7 days, the credit will be returned to you.

Why do you have Premium Credits?

We have these credits so we can pay the Premium Curators for reviewing submissions. We split each Premium Credit spent with the curator once they have reviewed the submission. We split this 60/40 in the curators favour.

Where can I find my Premium Submission Feedback/Placement?

If you head to the ‘Your Submissions’ tab on your dashboard, you can click on the ‘Premium Submissions’ section and select ‘more info’ on the track you’ve submitted, you can find all the relevant information on your campaign status.

Submitting A Playlist & Submission Management

How do I add my playlist to DailyPlaylists?

Head to the homepage, click on ‘submit a playlist’ and follow the steps.

What are the requirements for my playlist to be added?

To be considered a curator on DailyPlaylists Your playlists need a minimum of 100 followers.

How do I remove a playlist from DailyPlaylists?

Go to your dashboard and you will find all your connected playlists there, you can easily select and remove them.

What happens when I approve a song?

The track is automatically added to the bottom of that playlist so you can easily position and save time finding the song on Spotify.

Can I give feedback to the artist?

You can give feedback to artists who submit standard submissions through selecting the ‘decline with feedback option’

How can I thank the artist for submitting to me?

You can add a custom message to be sent via email alongside the ‘approved submission’ notification. This can be entered on the ‘settings page’ along with your social media links.

Please note, any form of promotions, payola or rules to follow will result in a ban.

Premium Curators

Can I be a Premium Curator?

To become a Premium Curator, we look at many different metrics including followers on playlists, quality of curation, branding, marketing and most importantly - engagement.

What are the minimum requirements to become a Premium Curator?

We first make sure that the curator has at least 1 playlist with a minimum of 1,000 followers, then we look at the branding (make sure all playlists have covers etc), number of tracks (maximum 135) and the engagement, using tools such as Isitagoodplaylist and Chartmetric.

How much do you pay curators?

We split each submission reviewed by Premium Curators 60/40. Each submission costs $2 for the artist.

How do I get paid?

Once you have $20 in revenue, you will be able to request a payout via Paypal. We plan to have different options for payout down the line. If this is an issue, please reach out to us at curators@dailyplaylists.com to see if we can help.

Are there different tiers of curators?

To start off with, there will only be one tier of curator (1 credit per submission). However we plan to increase the number of tiers available.

How long do I have to review submissions?

You have 7 days to review submissions. If you are unable to review a submission in this time, the credit will be refunded to the artist and you will be unable to claim revenue for that submission.

I’m going away for some time, can I take a break from my profile?

Yes! You can temporarily pause being able to review submissions through the curator vacation mode on the settings page.

How can I apply to become a Premium Curator?

Simply through filling out the details in this form: <a>https://forms.gle/fTA7cZrWaDxCfvSB7</a>

I’ve submitted, how long will it take to find out if I’m successful?

We will get back to you in due course. We upload batches of Premium Curators each Monday during PST timezone.

Premium Curator Standard Submissions

Do I have to review Standard Submissions as a Curator?

No - you do not have to! You can turn off receiving Standard Submissions through heading to the Playlist tab on your dashboard and toggling the option on or off.

If I want to review Standard Submissions, do I still get compensation?

Yes! We have introduced a quota which rewards Premium Curators who review Standard Submissions.

What is the Standard Submission Quota?

There are two levels:

  1. 1. Review 200 Standard Submissions, you will receive an extra 2.5% on your payout requests for the following month.

  2. 2. Review 400 Standard Submissions and you will receive an extra 5% on your payout for the next month

When is the Standard Submission quota reset?

The Standard Submission quota is reset on the 1st of every month.

What happens if I don’t reach any of the levels during a month I can receive extra % on my payout?

Then you won’t qualify for the extra % on your payouts for the following month.

DailyPlaylists Artist Pro Subscription

What is it?

Artist Pro is our subscription plans which includes tools and products for artists to make the most of their DailyPlaylists experience

What is included in the plans?

We have access to our Automatic Submission tool, Pre-save on gates, add-ons, Track Explorer, Trending Lists, Exclusive Deals and also extra credits

What is the Automatic Submission tool?

You choose your song and genre and let the DailyPlaylists Automatic Submission algorithm do the rest. We will automatically submit your music to playlists which are the best chance of placement and best fit for your track

What is the Track Explorer tool?

When you submit your song as a Automatic Submission, we list your song on our Track Explorer page. Receive useful feedback, real streams and personal library additions from our community!

What are the Trending Lists?

Get the recognition you deserve when your campaigns are going well. The trending list are our very own version of the DailyPlaylists charts, showing the most successful Pro and Pro Plus campaigns from that week!

What Exclusive Deals do you offer?

Pro and Pro Plus artists can secure exclusive deals & opportunities with our partner platforms! These have included Feature.fm, Contraband, Amplify and even free coding courses!

What is the difference between Pro and Pro Plus?

Head over to the dailyplaylists.com/pro to see a direct comparison of the plans

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! If you are subscribed to the monthly package you can unsubscribe at any point

Creating & Managing A Contest

How can a contest benefit me on Spotify?

With the new contest feature, users who enter the contest will have to save/pre-save and/or follow your Spotify profile/playlist. You can edit those parameters on your DailyPlaylists dashboard.

This will help raise your presence on Spotify and increase your audience, hopefully converting your Facebook or Instagram followers into Spotify followers so you hit more release radars and discover weekly playlists!

My image doesn't fit, what are the image dimensions?

2160x1080px (2:1 ratio)

My image won't upload?

Please make sure it's a JPG or PNG.

How to select a winner?

Head to ‘Your Contests’ tab on the dashboard and find the contest you’d like to select a winner for. DailyPlaylists can select a winner at random for you, or you can export emails to select a winner manually.

Account Issues:

I can't login to my account?

Please check with Spotify as DailyPlaylists do not store any login information.

How to delete my profile?

Disconnect your profile by removing access to DailyPlaylists in your Spotify settings, you can rejoin anytime.

My credits haven't renewed?

Contact us and we'll look into it.

How can I get more credits?

At the moment you get a specific amount of standard credits per week per user. You can purchase more Standard Submissions from the blue bar at the bottom of the dashboard.

If you would like to purchase Premium Submissions, please purchases from the Premium Submission curator select page.

The website won't load a specific element for me

This is usually down to a caching issue. Please see if the issue still persists in incognito mode. If this fixes this issue, please follow this guide on how to hard refresh your cache.

If this issue isn't fixed in incognito mode, please provide us more information at info@dailyplaylists.com

I want to report a bug with my account

Please don't hesitate to reach out to info@dailyplaylists.com, including the following information:

  • - Link to Spotify account associated with DailyPlaylists account

    - A link to the song in question (if applicable)

    - Any screenshots/recordings you can share with the team

    - Which browser and operating system you are using DailyPlaylists on