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We’ve teamed up with Players Republik to give independent artists a shot at embracing the brand new audio gaming platform, Apollo. Apollo is looking to help bridge the gap between the gaming and music spaces!

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What is Apollo

Apollo adds a reactionary music layer to the users gameplay.

Apollo is a standalone PC application that ‘reads’ what is happening to the user in the game and reacts to in-game events by playing specific music for various key moments (such as getting a kill, dying, reaching an objective). Apollo is meant to fill the void of either having no music/audio or too little within games. It adds a reactionary audio layer to enhance the users overall experience, and it does it all automatically.

It's personalized music for gamers!

How Apollo works

The users purchase ‘music packs’ through the Apollo store. These ‘packs’ contain full length tracks, instrumentals and snippets of audio.

Once the user has activated their packs, they fire up a game and enjoy the reactive music while playing. In other words, Apollo acts as an aggregator/distributor into the world of esports and gaming.

For you as an artist

This is a chance to ‘pack’ yourself into an audio product for the gaming world!

We let the artists decide what goes into these packs. This gives you the chance to present your artist brand in a new way and connect even deeper with your fans, enabling them to have the experience that they want, while opening up extra revenue for yourself.

The perks

You get the lion share of the revenue (up to 65%) of these packs without giving up any exclusivity! You can still distribute your songs to Spotify etc. and sell your music as normal - we are non-exclusive, we are not a label!

Apollo is an interactive audio application which is available on the Overwolf store and
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